Presentations for conferences and user groups etc. Source code is in a mixture of Markdown and Asciidoctor, and is best viewed for presentation using deck.js and asciidoctor-backends. Local deck.js themes are provided in the /themes directory. The deck.js and asciidoctor templates are provided as a submodules.

Github Co-ordinates

The slides sources are all in github at Clone them (read only) like this:

$ git clone
$ git submodule update --init

Building the Site

Use Ruby 2.2 and make sure you have bundle on your PATH

$ cd presos
$ bundle 
$ bundle exec jekyll build

This builds all slides and puts them in _site.

If you run guard instead of jekyll it also rebuilds each deck as you reload it. You can also use jekyll serve -w to run a server on port 4000 that rebuilds the site on changes (I prefer to use guard because I can browse the files using a file:... URL).

Static Website

The decks are all in gh-pages at